The liberal media has vilified Donald Trump and his supporters to the point where the lives of conservative constantly seem to be in danger from deranged liberals. Now, yet another violent attack against a Trump supporter has been reported.

Fox News reported that a Danish tourist wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in New York City was robbed at knifepoint by two thugs who snatched his hat. When he tried to get the hat back, one of the hoodlums threatened him with the knife.

The attack occurred at around 5:40pm on Thursday, when the 18 year-old victim was about to hop on the subway at Union Square. It was then that one of the thugs grabbed him from behind and grabbed his pro-Trump hat.

Police said that the thugs asked the victim at one point, “What are you doing with that hat on?” The victim was threatened with the knife when he tried to put up a fight, and the thugs ended up getting away with the hat.

Police are describing one of the suspects as being almost bald, 6-foot-tall white man in his 20s or 30s, with light facial hair.

This is just the latest example of Trump’s family and supporters being attacked. Earlier this year, Donald Trump Jr.’s estranged wife Vanessa was hospitalized after she opened a letter addressed to him that contained a suspicious white powder. Though the powder was eventually found to be cornstarch, it was clearly meant to terrify the Trumps and make them feel as if they were being threatened.

Daniel Frisiello, 24, of Beverly was later arrested on suspicion of sending the letter. His social media is full of extreme anti-Trump views, and he even shared a news story about Vanessa Trump receiving the package on the same day it arrived. Frisiello has also referred to Eric Trump as a “tweedle idiot” and talked about his hatred for President Trump.

Please keep President Trump and his supporters in your thoughts and prayers!