Teenage conservative activist CJ Pearson just eviscerated Parkland anti-gun activist David Hogg in an epic new video.

Mad World News reported that Pearson mopped the floor with Hogg after the activist called for an advertiser boycott of Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show.

“David Hogg wants to be a public figure, tear the #2A into shreds, and be the self-proclaimed voice of my generation but can’t take a little criticism from Laura Ingraham? There’s no safe spaces in politics, David. Grow up,” Pearson wrote in the caption of the video when he shared it on Twitter.

“David Hogg is the self-appointed voice of my generation. An individual that put himself at the forefront of the gun control debate just a few weeks ago and continues to do so. This is a man who has chosen to live in the public light, and he can’t take criticism?” Pearson asked in the video.

“You know, I’m fifteen years old. I’m young, I’m black and Republican. I’m literally three things that make liberals lose sleep at night. They hate me. They hate me because I buck every single narrative that they would like the American people to believe,” Pearson said. “‘Oh, if you’re young, you gotta vote Democrat.’ I say ‘no,’” he added. “‘Oh, if you’re black, you gotta be a Democrat.’ I say ‘no.’ They hate me, and because they hate me they call me things like ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘House Negro,’ ‘sellout’ – all these hateful, deplorable things.”

“But guess what? I turn the other cheek. Why? Because these people can tweet at me and criticize me all day long, but I fight for what I believe and I will continue to do so regardless of anything that I’m called,” he said.

Pearson then told Hogg that getting backlash when one takes such a divisive stance is to be expected. He explained that many Americans  are not going to like him when it is his goal to strip them of Constitutional rights “but you chose that life, David. Grow up! Grow up, David!”

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