JUST IN: “The View” cohost Meghan McCain finally had enough of Joy Behar’s nonsense on Tuesday, when she called the ignorant liberal out for her double standard on Barack Obama’s Facebook data mining.

The Daily Caller reported that Behar and her fellow liberal cohosts all expressed outrage that Cambridge Analytica, the data firm used by Donald Trump in the 2016 election, had improperly used personal data from 50 million Facebook users. McCain then pointed out to them that Obama’s campaign did the same thing in 2012, when they gathered data on Obama app users without their knowledge or consent.

“I don’t completely understand the scandal now since this has been happening since 2012,” McCain explained. “The Obama campaign did this brilliantly. They used micro-targeting and data mining. So, the double standard I don’t understand right now is…it happened under Obama and it was lauded by the media as being genius. And now the Trump campaign did it and its a Cambridge Analytica scandal.”

Behar feebly tried to say that Obama could not have done the same thing, but McCain wasn’t having any of it.

“Yes, it was micro-targeting and data mining,” McCain fired back.

“It’s different though,” Sunny Hostin claimed, as she accused the Cambridge Analytica of pushing a “misinformation campaign.”

“It’s not different though!” McCain exclaimed. “This has been going on for a long time and I think the problem right now for people like me is, again, I am against this wholeheartedly…but I think it is interesting to me that there wasn’t a problem with it when the Obamas did it and now there’s a problem when Trump did it.”

Twitter users made it clear that they have had enough of The View’s liberal host’s double standards towards Obama as well:

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