The mainstream media is currently doing everything in their power to try and spread hysteria over the “crisis” at the border, which they are attempting to blame solely on Donald Trump. On Tuesday, MSNBC headed to the border to interview a couple who live there in the hopes of getting them to bash Trump, but things didn’t quite go according to plan for them.

Western Journal reported that Presnall and Stephanie Cage are a married couple who own a ranch on the Rio Grande River, and they saw right through MSNBC’s nonsense as soon as the interview with them began.

“When you see parents and children separated, why do you support the policy that, to many people, appears to be heartless?” asked MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders.

“It’s basically the laws of our land,” Presnall fired back, refusing to take the bait. “Trump, I believe is going in the right direction. I believe it’s going to be a deterrent to keep this from happening.”

Sanders then tried to shift the discussion by appealing to maternal instincts and shame women into agreeing with the liberal stance.

“You’re a mother, you’re a grandmother of seven,” the reporter said to Stephanie, setting her up to answer in the way he wanted. “How do you react when you see that the families are being split apart?”

“Of course it is very upsetting, but I’m as equally upset with the parents for exposing their children to the dangers of smuggling their children across the border,” Stephanie replied.


Presnall then explained that the stories of Hispanic immigrants all fleeing violence are “very much exaggerated. Very few cases are caused by that, I think most of them are coming over here to try to make a better life in this country and all this country has to offer.”

We’re glad to see that this couple refused to play MSNBC’s liberal game!

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