President Donald Trump left the G7 Summit in Canada on Saturday and headed to Singapore. As soon as he landed there, Trump got a surprise that he was not excepting!

Mad World News reported that Air Force One landed at Singapore’s Paya Lebar Airbase early Sunday morning a few hours after Kim Jong-un arrived at the Changi Airport. Trump and Kim will be meeting at Singapore’s Capella Hotel on Tuesday in what will be the first time a sitting U.S. president has met with the North Korean leader.

As Trump’s motorcade made it’s way to the Shangri La Hotel, the president heard deafening cheers from onlookers who were applauding and thanking him for his incredible achievement that will go down in history. Footage of what happened clearly shows both Americans and non-Americans cheering and praising President Trump.

This makes it clear just how loved Trump is overseas! This was in stark contrast to the reception Barack Obama would get when he traveled overseas. When Obama travelled to China, officials refused to even provide a staircase for Obama to exit Air Force One, forcing him to descend from the back of the presidential jet in humiliating fashion.

When Trump was asked about this during his presidential campaign, he said, “If that happened I would say thank you very much. Close it up. I’m going back to Washington. Boom.”

Trump is often treated very badly by the American people thanks to the deranged hatred liberals and the mainstream media have for him. They don’t want to give him the credit he deserves for this historic meeting with the North Korean leader. We’re glad to see that the people of Asia actually see just how amazing Trump really is, and we can’t wait to see him make history tomorrow!

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