Malia Obama has been dating British-born Rory Farquharson since they met at Harvard University in the fall. Now, a revelation has been made about Rory that has left many people surprised.

The Telegraph U.K. reported that in a letter published in his high school magazine, Rory wrote a letter to his 16 year-old self lamenting that he is a “lanky over-confident public school boy” whose “floppy mop” was embarrassingly unattractive to girls. He accused himself of being desperate to prove to his friends what “a lad” he was, but admitted that really he had “failed miserably.”

Rory attacked himself in the letter for always trying to be “cool.” Referring to a photo of himself in the magazine, Rory wrote, “You’ve slipped on a pair of your dad’s Ray Bans (he’s not best pleased when he finds out) and smugly informed your mum that you’re going to Ollie’s house – in fact you’ve sneaked off to London with some mates. And for goodness’ sake, get a haircut. Despite what you think, your floppy mop isn’t attracting the girls.”

Clearly, Rory was not expecting to be dating a former president’s daughter someday!

Rory also encouraged his younger self to”be generous and kind and devote time to those you care about. You’ll find that the relationships that you nurture will be the most satisfying and important things of all in life.”

Michelle Obama will undoubtedly not be happy about the release of this letter, as she had warned Malia to stay out of the press.

“Don’t wind up on Page Six,” Michelle told Malia when she dropped her off at school in the fall, according to AOL.

“I don’t know if she managed that,” Michelle just quipped.

Malia has blatantly ignored her mother’s advice, as she has been spotted canoodling and making out with Rory all over the place since they started dating.

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