Democrats were rocked by yet another arrest recently, and one of their top lawmakers ended up being hauled off Capitol Hill in handcuffs.

The Blaze reported that Arizona state representative Isela Blanc, a former illegal alien, was arrested in Washington D.C. during a protest against the potential expiration of DACA. She has long been an immigration activist and has been open about her history of being an illegal alien.

“I’m not embarrassed about the fact that I was undocumented. I frankly got tired of people in this state – in particular, Republicans – telling my story, calling me a criminal, demonizing who we are and what we represent,” she once said.

Blanc was one of 87 protesters who were arrested at the rally, with 68 of them being taken into custody for “crowding, obstructing or incommoding” on the National Mall. Another 28 of them were hit with a resisting arrest charge as well.

“I’ve been undocumented, I know the fear and anxiety the Dreamers feel,” she said in a statement afterwards. “I’m also an elected official, so I know what it means to reach the American Dream, which is all they want. I have a moral obligation to fight for them.”

Blanc came to the United States when she was 7 years-old from Guadalajara, Mexico with her family on temporary visas. She became a citizen in 1986 through Ronald Reagan’s Immigration Reform and Control Act at the age of 16, and she has often expressed shock that a Republican passed the legislation responsible for her citizenship.

“It’s so frustrating,” Blanc said. “I cannot believe that almost 32 years ago we actually had a Congress – both Republican and Democrat – that maybe didn’t necessarily agree but could actually come together and work on some level of a pathway to citizenship.”

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